Adult Reconditioning & Fitness Program

At Skolfield Sports Performance we want to keep you moving, often, and without pain. Have you been dealing with an issue that stops you from doing what you love to do? A shoulder pain that stops you from swimming? A reoccurring hip pain that gets better with some time off, only to resurface again once you return to running. Low back pain that interferes with you being able to do anything. If any of these scenario’s sound like you. WE CAN HELP!

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The Guidance You Have Been Missing

Too many of us have gone to the doctor with complaints of pain or poor function; only to be granted the plan of “here’s a pill, stop doing ____ for 3 weeks and come see me again.” As athletes, we want and deserve better than that. This program will provide the guidance you have been missing. The Adult Reconditioning & Fitness Program is more than just “treatment”. Our goal is to work with you to find the ROOT CAUSE of whatever is stopping you, develop a succinct recovery plan, and then work a training program that promotes lasting change.

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A discovery call is a brief, 10-15 minute conversation that gives us both an opportunity to gather information.

We able to learn more about the pain or issue you're dealing with, attempts you've made to resolve it, and activities you are hoping to resume.
After, we will decide if we're a good fit to work together.

Evaluation & Initial Treatment

Evaluate the problem and what is causing it and then discuss the concepts your program should be centered around. You receive initial treatment to jump start the healing process. Finally you will learn targeted exercises to promote lasting change.


Discussion and recommendations for next steps.
Further Treatment?
Initiation of a prescribed fitness program?
In this step we work closely with the client to move forward with a plan that accommodates their goals, preferences, and lifestyle.

Lasting Results

You follow our individualized training approach to aid in the return back to your activities while improving your overall health and fitness.

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