Clients and parents are expected to download the Wellness Living app to have real time access to their past and upcoming schedules. Scheduling, canceling and rescheduling is done by calling our facility 207-602-6322, emailing us at or talking to a coach at a session. We cannot always be available to answer the phone and we may not be able to get messages immediately so please plan ahead.
• No Shows – No shows will be charged for a full session. • Late Cancels
Sessions canceled within 4 hours of scheduled time may be charged for a full session.

Auto-renewing passes must be requested prior to auto renewal date by filling in the form below. We cannot reimburse for unused sessions if canceled after it has already renewed. Auto renewal dates can be tracked via the Wellness Living app. HOLDS Clients can put their passes on hold for a minimum of 1 week and no more than 6 weeks. This can be done once per auto renewal cycle and pushes the expiration date out same number of days on hold. If a client is going to be out for more than 6 weeks, they will need to cancel the pass and start a new one upon return. Client must notify us via email or by calling 207-602-6322.