Services Provided

Skolfield Sports Performance has several service options for your specific needs. Our bodies are uniquely different, not to mention we have different athletic goals and aspirations. It makes sense that getting the results you desire will require that your workouts, recovery, and nutrition be uniquely tailored to your goals, ability level, age and body type.  All of our programs are built with this in mind. Whether it is coming back from injury or reaching the next level of athletic performance, we have you covered.

On-Ramp Program

Our signature step by step program to onboard new clients with the foundation they will need to be successful in an Skolfield Performance training program. This includes becoming familiar with the space, coaching staff, and equipment as well as education on personalized training program and nutrition as it relates to the individual client goals.

1:1 Performance Training

Our 1:1 Performance Training sessions fit you because they are tailored to you and your unique needs. You will follow an individualized training program that includes mobility.flexibility, and soft tissue warm up, speed and agility drills, strength and power training, and conditioning. Each session is led by one of our degreed and certified staff solely focused on you.

Semi-Private Training

Small group (2-5 athletes) training. Each athlete will follow a personalized and individualized program led by our certified performance coaches. The session will contain mobility/flexibility/soft tissue warm up, speed/agility, strength, power, and conditioning.

Remote Performance Training

Can’t train onsite at our facility? Then you can still experience our individualized training approach through remote training. You will be provided with a 2,3, or 4 day per week training program that is run through an app on your phone. Additionally you will have a regularly scheduled virtual check in with your Performance Coach each month.

Sports Injury Management

We help both youth athletes and adults recover from injuries following surgery and/or physical therapy. We provide custom training solutions to get athletes back on the field and adults back to enjoying the activities they love.


Youth Sports Performance

We have partnered with the Parisi Speed School to offer a youth training model for ages 8-12 years of age. This program focuses on building strength, speed, power, agility, flexibility, and self-confidence, all while emphasizing injury prevention and proper nutrition.

Our clients see incredible results

Achieve your goals at Skolfield Sports Performance.

  • Day one

    The feeling of achievement in taking the first step in achieving your goals.

  • Week one

    Improved energy and motivation. You understand the value of an individualized performance training plan.

  • Month one

    Increases in muscle mass, strength, and speed.

  • Month three

    Your re-evaluation reveals SIGNIFICANT changes. You are stronger, faster, more explosive, and more confident.

  • Month six

    Family, teammates, and coaches see the physical and athletic transformation in your game.

  • One year

    You have transformed into a more complete athlete, outperforming your competition in every way.


The investment in our program depends on you. We have athletes that train anywhere from 3-4 times per week depending on their schedules, motivation, goals, and budget. We personalize your program cost, just like we personalize our athletes' sessions. During your introductory assessment and consultation we will recommend a couple program options to best fit your goals and budget. In general the investment runs between $35-$85 per session and we don't require any memberships or contracts.
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